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Pleasure is a natural human drive, and sex is as essential a need as any other. Pink Punch is satisfying the sensual needs of a new generation with our colorful, playful, and smart-tech designs. Our thoughtfully-designed futuristic sex toys punches through traditional thinking and limiting beliefs to take pleasurable pastimes to a powerful new level, whatever your age, orientation, or identity, our products offer pleasure without prejudice. We believe sexual pleasure and human intimacy are human rights. Our mission is to co-create a colorful and progressive lifestyle with our users, by catering to their drives for desire and design, equally and inclusively.

Sunset Mushroom

Our first product

In April 2021, PinkPunch launched the first wireless sex toys named Sunset Mushroom. Sunset Mushroom is an app remote control vibrator. We wanted to create a product with a smaller, cuter shape to counteract the fear of women in the simulation toy. Through the shape of this product we hope to better help women become aware of the importance of their bodies.

This Cute Vibrator is suitable for girls who have no experience using a female masturbator as an introductory one. We hope it is a gift that accompanies girls to grow up, explore themselves courageously and go for pleasure.

100% handmade soap bar


Safe & Environment friendly

Sunset Mushroom has subverted the traditional vulgar and boring design, and fulfills women's sexual wellness with its completely new aesthetic and emotional appeal.

Our products are made from food grade silicone so it is guaranteed to be safe for users and environmentally friendly.

We hope to bring our products to everyone, especially young people

Any Improved Features?

Difference between the competitors or similar products

Sextoy on the market today are very homogenized, with the advantages being low production costs and steady sales.

In order to jump out of homogenization, we encountered a problem at the first point of production with the Sunset Mushroom. The Sunset Mushroom is wrapped in a transparent, bubble-free silicone coat outside of its pink gradient body. Opaque silicone is generally used for toys on the market, as the bubbles created by the encasement can be very visible. So Sunset Mushroom needed to set a technological precedent.

In addition to the transparent silicone exterior, Sunset Mushroom has also put a lot of thought into other aspects of the toy. Different from traditional one, the unique charging compartment of Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator has the same wireless charging method as Airpods, which is very small and portable to use. Users do not need to bring a charging cable when going out, and can use it at will. It only takes half an hour to charge to enjoy endless fun of it. And the accompanying App has a neon cyberpunk feel. Sunset Mushroom creates a nice and relaxing atmosphere for the user, which is exactly what we want!

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Cyberpunk UI Design App

This is a brand-new App control vibrator in the industry. It enables users to remotely control each others' products and conduct voice conversations after sharing the invitation code with their friends.

PinkPunch App not only controls Sunset Mushroom, but also enables game conversations, remote interaction, voice links and other functions that we hope offer a wider range of possibilities for women who are trapped and reluctant to speak up, but at the same time have the desire to do so.

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