A peach to bring out your juice

PEACHU is a revolutionary toy with surprisingly sexy suction power. If you’re into nibbly naughtiness or simply seeking a new type of pleasure, let our Peach bring out your juice!

Ever had a mushroom turn you to mush?

With its cyberpunk styling, innovative and pleasure-centric design, discreet appearance, digital interface, and more...Sunset Mushroom is the smart-tech sex toy of the future.

Welcome To PinkPunch planet

Much more than a sex toy


We believe that OEM is now very mature, but technology and functionality are far from enough. A good brand of sex toys needs to be based on the content, redefine 'sex toy,' break the inherent impression, and create a sex toy brand that young people can enjoy more.

So started with sextoys we founded PinkPunch. Our goal is to provide  customers the most wonderful experiences with our unique products.

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