Sunset Mushroom and Peachu
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Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom — Test & Review

by Edie

Last updated: August 30, 2022

Finally, an appropriate, adorable and perfect first vibrator! The Sunset Mushroom Vibrator, by Pink Punch is an easy-to-use, discreet and travel-friendly clitoral vibrator or g-spot stimulator that makes a perfect first vibe. Or it's a great addition to any sex toy collection. It’s over-the-top-adorable, comes with a charging pod for travel and doesn’t look like a sex toy in any way, shape or form. Plus, they’ll be adding more products to the Pink Punch Planet soon. Finally, it’s not scary or intimidating nor it is embarrassing. Hence, the perfect first vibrator. Read more...

  • Design: 100/100
  • Ease of Use: 100/100
  • Quality: 100/100
  • Price:
  • Low

  • Bedbible rating:
  • 5.0/5.0

  • User ratings:
  • 3.0/5.0

Peachu by Pink Punch — Test & Review

by Edie

Last updated: August 30, 2022

Peachu is from the Pink Punch Planet of new sex toys and is a clitoral suction and vibration toy that looks and feels like a peach. With a larger, D-shaped opening, Peachu accommodates larger clits as well as pulling in more sensitive tissue for incredible sensation. It’s waterproof, submersible and made from body-safe, food grade silicone. Peachu charges wirelessly in its adorable, charging pod that doubles as a dust cover. Read more...

  • Design: 90/100
  • Ease of Use: 100/100
  • Quality: 100/100
  • Price:
  • Medium

  • Bedbible rating:
  • 4.5/5.0

  • User ratings:
  • 0.0/5.0


Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom review: A playful long-distance vibrator that’s excellent for beginners

  • Adorably cute product
  • Fun app interface
  • Easy onboarding

Manufactured in Hong Kong, this uniquely designed mushroom vibrator offers a creative introduction to self-pleasure. The Sunset Mushroom by PinkPunch costs $99 (coupon code SEXTECHGUIDE will get you 20% off) and is marketed to “girls” who have “no experience” of using a vibrator, with the aim that this toy will encourage them to “explore themselves courageously and go for pleasure.” Using a neon cyberpunk theme, this smart sex toy has a compatible app with an exciting user interface or “amusement park” designed for wireless interactive fun. As far as novelty toys go, I was curious to see if this mushroom would be a the ideal ‘first toy’ for people to test out. Read more...

Pink Punch Peachu review: A super-cute suction clit vibe that’s not entirely beyond criticism

  • Fun user experience
  • Long-distance app   control

Following its debut food-themed sex tech device, the Sunset Mushroom, Pink Punch has launched the Peachu. Moving away from it’s fungi vibrator with a peach-shaped suction toy, both are equally fun and unique in product design and cyberpunk app experience. While it may not necessarily be the norm to get off using fruit-shaped toys (aside from the Emojibator), suction toys are all the rage, and this is likely the first peach shaped suction toy that also offers remote play, a niche within a niche. The Peachu costs $109 and is aimed at people “seeking a new type of pleasure.” With only a handful of remote clitoral suction toys on the market, including the Zalo Queen $149, We-Vibe Melt $149 , and Tracy’s Dog OG Pro2 $59.99, it sits on the midrange of pricing. However, the question remains: is this peach-shaped remote suction toy really worth it? Read more...


by Miss Ruby

September 21, 2022 

  • Cute design and coloer schem
  • Wireless charging case included
  • Quiet
  • Waterproof
  • Smartphone app option
  • Bodysaft silicone constrution

The PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator has a lot of good things going for it: it’s silicone, rechargeable, quiet, and waterproof. It has a beautiful design and I love the travel-friendly wireless charging case. The overall appearance is top-notch. You can pick up your own PinkPunch Sunset Mushroom Vibrator here! Why do I like PinkPunch? By buying directly through them, you ensure you’re receiving a genuine product. They also ship internationally and you can get 20% off your purchase with code MRR20 ! Read more...

Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom review: remote control egg vibrator

by Super Smash Cache

Published April 2023 · Updated August 2023

  • It’s adorable AF
  • It’s strong, especially for the size and price! The Sunset outperforms some more expensive panty vibes I used to love.
  • The case and the toy design itself are discreet and sturdy for travel
  • The elements are well-designed and put together without breaking the bank
  • And dammit, the app’s alien planet-themed graphics won me over!

I’m still wow-ed by how much remote control love eggs have changed in the past three years. The Pink Punch Sunset Mushroom is a lovely example of someone stepping up their game — mechanically, technologically, and aesthetically. There’s style and substance here; this vibrating remote control love egg is one of the best of its class. Read more...

Pink Punch Peachu Review: Bluetooth Air Pulse Massager

by Super Smash Cache

Published April 2023 · Updated August 2023

  • A cuter, peach-shaped package with a soft exterior
  • A travel-friendly, display-ready, hard case
  • Versatility with charging — a USB‑C phone charging cord will do in a pinch

Eggplant and cucumber dildos practically designed themselves. Now it’s the peach emoji’s turn to shine — in the form of an air pulse clitoral massager. You’re probably here because cuteness sways you quite a bit. It did for me (and my hips swayed on it.) While Peachu is not the most vigorous air pulse massager you can get for the price, it’s plenty for me to have multiple orgasms — and quickly. Read more...