30 things about sex you need to know

によって Yichen Wu オン May 11, 2022

30 things about sex you need to know

Can you imagine how many rumors you are being lulled into? Countless rumors can be born in our daily life, let alone in the field of "sex," with which most people are not familiar.


Because of the limited space, we can't express all the information strictly in a short text, so you can leave us a comment after reading it and write out the "sex" rumors you have questions about and want to know more about, and we will make a detailed explanation of these contents later!


  1. Drinking coca-cola does not kill sperm.
  2. After ejaculation, a jump can not be contraceptive: on the surface, you seem to shake the semen out, but once the semen is into the vagina, it can move independently and run to the destination. You can not stop.
  3. The chances of swimming in the pool leading to pregnancy are small to negligible: but if you have sex in the pool, it is another story.
  4. In the safe period of sex, you also need to wear a condom: when the eggs are discharged, they will be affected by emotions, habits, hormones, environment, and other factors. You never know when the next egg will come, so do not take a chance.
  5. External ejaculation is not reliable: a man may already have a small amount of semen that has accumulated in the vas deferens slipping into the vagina before ejaculation.
  6. you can get pregnant during breastfeeding without protection, even if you haven't had your period
  7. Peeing after sex is not a contraceptive: it is a good habit to pee after sex and flush the external vagina, which can indeed reduce the chance of urinary tract infections, but it has nothing to do with contraception.
  8. Anal sex and swallowing semen will not get pregnant: the anus, mouth, and vagina are not a system at all. But it is a different story when the semen flows in the vagina.
  9. Male ligation does not affect "sexual" function and has the possibility of recanalization. It is the least side effect and is the most effective of all contraceptive methods.
  10. Not only "bad girls" will masturbate: "2018 Global Masturbation Survey Report" shows that the proportion of girls masturbating reached 48%.
  11. women who have never felt an orgasm should try masturbation: this is the easiest way to get an orgasm without all the distracting factors
  12. Masturbation will not make the vagina color darker: the color of the vagina has nothing to do with the number of times you masturbate and is related to genetics, age, estrogen levels, and many other factors.
  13. Sex toys that are too big may hurt and injure your vagina. The one that suits you is the best. Of course, playing with toys does not cause pelvic floor muscle relaxation, which is far worse than having a baby.
  14. Too much use of sex toys will not make you sexually frigid: it is normal for your desire to decline after sexual satisfaction, but sexual tension will build up and create demand. It's the same reason as "after eating, do not feel hungry."
  15. Using sex toys does not cause gynecological disease: the key is still to wash the toys clean.
  16. Men are not the main force to buy sex toys: survey data shows that women are the biggest consumers of sex toys. Men prefer to buy erection products etc.
  17. Women can also use sex toys during menstruation: as long as you don't use the entry style toys and do a good job of cleaning, you can also pleasure your body during those days. The orgasm will not prevent the discharge of menstrual blood, but the neurotransmitters produced by the orgasm can also relieve the discomfort of menstruation.
  18. We masturbate from a very, very, very young age: as young as fetal, masturbation already occurs, and children may also show masturbation at the age of 2-4 years old, which is a very normal exploration of the body and can take the opportunity to bring children to know their organs, just as they know their nose and eyes.
  19. Having a partner and masturbating is not a sign of unrequited love: it is just a normal and easy way to satisfy your needs. Couples who have a good sex life may also masturbate. But refuse to "sex" life, only masturbation, you have to find the reason.
  20. Masturbation itself does not cause genital insensitivity: but overly repetitive masturbation methods, such as tensing muscles too tightly or stimulating too hard too quickly, can cause the pleasure threshold to rise. The solution is to take a break to recover naturally while learning to masturbate in slow, multiple ways.
  21. Foreplay is really important: no matter what form of foreplay, as long as you can let each other reach the "desire to enter" before entering, you can get more pleasure.
  22.  Sex is not the longer, the more comfortable: the best length of sex is 7-13 minutes; this time does not include foreplay.
  23. Be sure to focus on the clitoris, which is the source of pleasure for women: 70% of women rely on clitoral stimulation for orgasm, which is a normal thing. So don't just focus on going deep into the vagina. Find ways to stimulate the clitoris throughout sex to increase pleasure.
  24. During sex, do not keep asking, "Did you come?": this will make the woman embarrassed and will increase the tension.
  25. just like men love women to moan during sex, women sometimes want this too
  26. Both men and women want to have communication during sex, but knowing what to say is important. Short sentences and body language is more practical.
  27. the purpose of changing positions is for pleasure, not to show off skills: so how to change is judged by communication and observation of each other's body reactions
  28. Having sex very often does not mean they are very good at it.
  29. porn video has a lot of sexual misconceptions: such as squirting, ultra-long time pumping, screaming way, etc
  30. Sexual skills are based on familiarity with the body: so on the one hand, you need to learn about the physiology of men and women, but also to practice. understanding the body of your lover's unique characteristics