What is Sunset Mushroom Vibrating Egg?

by Yichen Wu on Apr 21, 2022

What is Sunset Mushroom Vibrating Egg?

In April 2021, PinkPunch launched the first wireless sex toys named Sunset Mushroom.
Sunset Mushroom is an app control vibrating egg. We are breaking the rules and regulations of traditional sex products and making these idealistic inspirations a reality from design to production. This Vibrating Egg is suitable for girls who have no experience using a female masturbator as an introductory one. We hope it is a gift that accompanies girls to grow up, explore themselves courageously and go for pleasure.

The PinkPunch remote control vibrating egg has a small and cute appearance, reducing the fear of women for sex products and avoiding the embarrassment caused by the toy's shape in daily life. Innovative wireless charging design can make you just put instant charging into the charging box slot without plugging the charging cable, just like the AirPod. In addition, the magnetic box design can be isolated from pollution, more hygienic.
The founder of PinkPunch believes that OEM is now very mature, technology and functionality are far from enough, product quality is undoubtedly the most basic. A good brand of sex toys needs to be based on the content, redefine 'sex toy,' break the inherent impression, and create a sex toy brand that young people can enjoy more.
For Sunset Mushroom Vibrating Egg, we use 100% food-grade safety silicone. The whole body was covered with liquid silicone by encapsulation technology and had no seam to prevent dust. Mushroom can be used underwater at a water depth of one meter. In the founder's view, the problem that needs to be solved for sex toys may not be the user's need for quality or functionality, which many products can meet, but rather whether the brand can solve the user's requirements for "pleasure, fashion, fun, sense of atmosphere" and so on.
For example, the innovation of this remote control vibrating egg is its shape and color are a breakthrough in design and process, not the same as most app controlled vibrator on the market with a solid color and monotonous shape, but with a gradient of pink and mushroom body, more in line with the aesthetics of young people. Furthermore, the "mushroom" uses the APP for intelligent control. In the APP, you can not only explore more vibration modes but can also open the game dialogue, remote interaction, voice connection, and other functions.

The PinkPunch APP is our amusement park for mushrooms, the most fashionable cyberpunk interface design, and a variety of wireless fun interactions, so girls can be easier to please themselves. On the APP, not only can you explore more vibration modes. You can also start chatbox with others, distance interaction, voice connection and more. There are many App control vibrating egg on the market, but we think these products still have some points and functions that need further research. Compare with these app, the pinkpunch have the specific functions like:
1. Bluetooth connection: Stable and carefree connection and control between Pink Punch toy and Pink Punch APP within 10 meters.
2. Single exploration: just one hand can easily switch 5 kinds of vibration mode and a variety of intensity.
3. Remote interaction: remote connection between two people, let your partner control the toy in your hand, feel the fun of remote control together.
4. Voice call: Voice call can be made during the two-player game, and the breathing sound can be heard at any time.
5. Love message transmission: during the two-player game can send your sincere love message to each other at any time.

After an in-depth study of the young generation's demand for sex life and sex products, PinkPunch believes that our team can bring consumers such new experiences, which is the brand that consumers have been waiting for.
The previous generation is shy to talk about "sex," while the 90s won't. For the new trendy toys, acceptance is much greater than for parents and grandparents. The market data is the best proof in recent years.
According to a report by an online survey, 35% of respondents want to try sex products, 30% think sex products are pleasurable, 25% of respondents maintain a neutral attitude towards them, and less than 10% of users have a rejectionist attitude.
We believe that The new generation of young people's sexuality is gradually changing, allowing many brands to develop. In such a time, who can enter the consumer and establishes closer communication between the brand and the consumer will seize the opportunity.