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PEACHU is a revolutionary toy with surprisingly sexy suction power. If you’re into nibbly naughtiness or simply seeking a new type of pleasure, let our Peach bring out your juice!



We believe that OEM is now very mature, but technology and functionality are far from enough. A good brand of sex toys needs to be based on the content, redefine 'sex toy, break the inherent impression, and create a sex toy brand that young people can enjoy more. So started with sextoys we founded PinkPunch.Our goal is toprovide customers the most wonderful experiences with ourunique products.

Q & A

I know what you want to know

What material is the vibrator made of?

Our vibrator and charging box was made of ABS and Body-safe silicone, produced without phthalates, BPA, or latex. Pure, translucent food-grade silicone for visible cleanliness and 100% skin-friendly. In addition, Mushroom and Peachu are 100% waterproof and can be washed with water directly after use.

Is the products a discreet packaging?

Please don't worry, our products are all discreet packaged. There is also an outer packaging on the outside of the product box, and others cannot see what the purchased product is.

How long will it take to receive the goods?

Normally, the time from when you place the order to when you receive the package is usually about 15 days, and the exact time will vary from country to country.

Day 1: Generally, after Pinkpunch receives your order, we will wait 24 hours before shipping the order, in order to reserve the time you want to cancel the order. If within these 24 hours, our customer service mailbox does not receive your "cancel order" email, we will enter the delivery process.

Day 2~4: Pinkpunch uploads your logistics information to our logistics system, and the logistics system reviews whether the information is correct and meets the transportation standards. If the information is incorrect, we will email you to get the correct information. If the information is correct and the logistics system passes the review, we will get the logistics order number. At this time, you will receive the "shipment notification email" from pinkpunch, which contains the logistics tracking number.

Day 5~15: This time period is the actual shipping time of the package. The specific time varies from country to country, but the longest time will not exceed 15 days.

In summary, the time from placing an order to receiving the package is usually about 15 days. If you have not received a delivery call or any other form of delivery notification after 20 days, please immediately check the logistics status of your package and email us, we will follow up the issue for you.

How can I download and use the Pinkpunch app?

The PinkPunch APP is our amusement park for mushrooms, the most fashionable cyberpunk interface design, and various wireless fun interactions, so girls can be easier to please themselves. On the APP, not only can you explore more vibration modes, and you can also start a text chat or voice chat with others.

How to download:

Search "Pink Punch App" on Google Play or App Store to download it. However, because our products are sensitive products, the apps of such products will be greatly restricted by Google Play and App Store, so our download links on these two platforms are often removed from the platform. So, if you can't download the APP successfully, you can also download it from our official website.

How to use:  

Take mushroom as an example:

1.First press and hold the bottom of the mushroom to turn it on (vibrate once to turn it on)

2. Turn on the phone Bluetooth

3. Open the Pinkpunch APP, click on the Bluetooth module

4. Wait for the APP to automatically recognize your mushroom, then click "Connect"

5. Click "START", slide your finger left and right on the phone screen to select the vibration frequency, and slide your finger up and down to change the vibration intensity.

6. After use, press and hold the bottom of the mushroom to turn it off.

How to use the toy with my partner?

1. First, please make sure your partner have downloaded the Pink Punch App on his own phones, complete the registration and log in. Our APP has two versions: Chinese version and overseas version. The connection can be successful only if both parties download the same version. So make sure your partner is downloading the same version of the software as you. The colors of the overseas version of the Pink Punch APP are black and red.

2.Then, turn on Sunset Mushroom on your side and connect it to your phone's Bluetooth, click Remote Control mode on the App, and your activation code will be displayed on your phone's page. Click the SHARE button to copy the invitation code and send it to your partner.

3.At the end, your partner enter your invitation code on PINKPUNCH App, and he/she can control your Sunset Mushroom remotely after the pairing is successful.

What should I do if the received goods have quality problem?

Some products are not guaranteed to be fully charged when they leave the warehouse, and there will be power loss during transportation. There may be cases where the toy cannot be turned on after they are in hand, and the charging light may flicker abnormally. We suggest: connect the charging box to the charging cable, put the toy in it and charge it together over 2 hours, and then try to turn on it.

Please inspect your order upon reception, if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, please contact us( immediately with damage videos so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

 However, product quality issues do not include wear and tear or damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect, and cosmetic wear and tear from normal use.

Can I cancel my order?

We accept order cancellation before the product is shipped. Therefore, it is usually possible to cancel an order within 24 hours of placing it. If the order is cancelled you will get full refund. We cannot cancel the order if the product is already shipped out.

Welcome To PinkPunch Planet~

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